Help Others to Help Themselves

In keeping with our knowledge and connection to India, we are endeavouring to ‘help others to help themselves’ with our online shop selling home products sourced and made at a local level in India.  We hope to provide income to people in villages that so desperately need income to keep extended families with food and basic necessities. A large proportion of India’s income comes from micro business and this has taken a huge hit during Covid.  Whilst we can only try to help a few, but you, by purchasing one of the locally made items will be helping more people than you know.  A little bit goes a long way in somewhere like India.  Please help us to help them. 


Rajasthani Rugs

Rajasthani Rugs (Durries)Our Rajasthani Rugs (Durries) are designed and made in a village outside of Jodhpur in the Thar Desert by a small family owned business.  The rug making is an integral part of families business with each member of the family is responsible for their part of the production. The rugs which are made of cotton, locally dyed with patterns and colours creating a unique product.   The rugs can be a bright and cheery addition to your house and can be washed in the machine. 

Being close to the desert, they have a range of camel hair rugs with more subtle colours of grey, brown and maroon, perfect for a house with more subtle hues.  Camel hair rugs can’t be washed in the machine.   



This distinctive pottery is one of India's oldest pottery studio based in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It was started many years ago by Mini Singh, a high skilled potter, who was bought up and studies in Delhi and spent a year learning part of his craft in Japan. The world class rare handmade pottery has become famous for its unique style and colours.  The production studio is still in Himachal and offers residential courses. Mini still lives close to the studio and continues to mentor students who come from around the world to learn from a master.



Face MasksPappy Devi is a seamstress in Himachal Pradesh in northern India.  She was born in the McLeod Ganj area. In between caring for her two small children, she is interested in creating new products.  Her main source of work is sewing for local weddings but during Covid she branched out and designed face masks made from local fabric.  We are encouraged by Pappy’s designs that felt we should showcase her products.  From little things big things grow.

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