Indigio's giving life to tired old pieces of furniture with Chalk Furniture Paint

I discovered Chalk Furniture Paint during COVID lockdown.  There is only so much cleaning you can do and to keep my mind off my successful travel business being decimated I had time to look around and see that a lot of my old beloved pieces needed a new life.

From the moment a friend invited me Chalk Furniture Painting Workshop I was hooked and turned  my hand at reinventing some of my old pieces or to use an in term ‘upcycled’ them. 

I started looking around to see which paints would suit my needs best.  There are lot on the market but you have to go looking.  I found the one I was looking for.   Blake & Taylor manufacture their paints in Sydney and are 100% Australian owned.  With so many delays in getting overseas goods, I thought this is perfect and support Aussie brands. 

Refurbished cabinets

So now, I’m a stockist and ready teach people how to give their old pieces new love and have fun along the way.

Check out our website for upcoming workshops. 


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