We have a strong connection to India through our other business – Ekno Travels. In the 15 years since we started our travel business in Dharamsala, in the foothills of the Himalayas, the team at Ekno have travelled the length and breadth of this vast land taking tourists and travellers to the popular and lesser known destinations. We have got to know the locals from their homes to make their local handicrafts and the valuable contribution that they make to the community.

From Tibetan rugs made by Refugees in Bir India, pottery from in the foothills of the Himalayas, to cotton durries (rugs) and block printing fabric made in the deserts of Rajasthan to local cottage industries of sewing cloth for tablecloths, your purchases will provide employment and income to local people. COVID 19 has hit India badly and local industries have suffered to the point where local people are very short of much needed income.

Indigio Decor  

In keeping with our knowledge and connection, we are endeavouring to ‘help others to help themselves’ by launching our new brand and website Indigio Décor – our online shop selling home products sourced and made at a local level in India. We hope to provide income to people in villages that so desperately need income to keep extended families.
Please help us help them by purchasing one of the locally made items.


Sharon Thrupp

Sharon Thrupp

After a life has been consumed by travel and living overseas in the UK, Japan, Nepal and in Dharamsala, India for the past fifteen years, Sharon decided it was time to put down roots on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland in early 2020.

Whilst living in India, she witnessed how cottage industries were the backbone of India micro economy.
She took an interest in what they were producing and would take visitors to visit these small workshops.

She also has a love of furniture painting since buying her first house buying pieces of furniture in the 1980’s whilst living in Brisbane. The pieces were mostly silky oak as she loved the grainy wood and used to spend weekends restoring them to their original glory with French polishing.

Arriving back she rescued her trusty old pieces in storage, and it was time ‘upcycled’ them. 

She started looking around to see which paints would suit my needs best. I found the one I was looking for. Blake & Taylor manufacture their paints in Sydney and are 100% Australian owned. With so many delays in getting overseas goods, I thought this is perfect and support Aussie brands. So here she is now, a Chalk Furniture Paint stockist and teach people how to give their old pieces new love and have fun along the way.

Vikas Kumar

Vikas KumarAs the head guide and ‘face’ Ekno Travels in India over the past ten years Vikas has been able to tour many places and discover the value of cottage industries in his native India.

Vikas was born in and still lives in Naddi – a small, picturesque village just above Dharamsala in the foothills of the Himalayas where his wife Pappy has her own micro business sewing outfits for local people.

Vikas sources the products for Indigio Décor through his vast network of contacts in India.

Shiv Kumar

Shiv KumarShiv is Ekno’s knowledgeable ‘background man’, working tirelessly behind the scenes.
Shiv was born in a local Himachal village, and came to Ekno with a background in IT. Since then he has expanded his repertoire and now successfully manages the India based office.