Chalk Furniture Paint


Blake & Taylor have developed the perfect chalk furniture paint, now available in 15 colours that will dry to a velvety matte finish. We’ve tried and tested them all and are pleased to say this specially formulated paint works great on metal (paint your chandeliers), fabric and glass too.

Now you can refashion your favourite pieces with very little effort and no preparation required. Blake & Taylor have also designed the perfect accompanying Clear Top Coat, our suggestion for a quick and easy way to seal your paint.

15 Colours

Ink Navy, Steel Grey, Sage, Dove Grey, Hampton, Duck, Black, Aged White, Charcoal, New White, French Blue, French Linen, Kettle Green, Toulouse and Whitewash.

 “Your home is an expression of you. So choose colours that express your style. Don’t play safe, your first instinct with colour is usually the right one!”  

If you are a Sunshine Coast  local, we can deliver Chalk Furniture Paint to you – 1 litre can or small bottles. We have all colours in stock as well as Clear Top or Beeswax available.  Workshops are held in various locations – Furniture Workshops, Tray and Breadboard Painting and decorating in Nambour or if you would like to host a workshop please let us know and we can come to you.

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